Cleaning The Shower – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat!

Like most working people, I have zero time/patience for the mundane, odious household tasks like cleaning the shower. It’s just not top on my ‘to do’ list, and I’ll admit, I don’t do it as often as I should.

As a teacher, however, I am always trying to come up with creative solutions to make things work. So how can I make cleaning the shower easier to ensure that it gets done? I found a fabulous solution on Pinterest.

I bought a soap-dispensing dish scrubber, which I then filled with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and dish soap. It stays right there in the shower. I find this a brilliant solution because I’m already in the shower and everything I need isĀ right there (no excuses). I have a detachable shower head, so I just scrub all the walls down, hose it off, and voila – clean shower. It takes me an extra 3-4 minutes tops. Who doesn’t have time for that?

I’ll also say that I am very pleased to have moved away from harsh chemicals. The vinegar really does the trick and is non-toxic.

Even though I know my shower is squeaky clean, it still bothered me that the grout was getting dark. My house is over 70 years old, so things are always in need of a facelift. I had tried everything to brighten up the bathtub: Comet, bleach, Bar Keepers Friend, Tide Bleach pen, EVERYTHING. Trust me, I put in a lot of elbow grease, and I was very disappointed. Though ready to give up, I was willing to try one more product that my sister-in-law recommended: Norwex Cleaning Paste. I got an old toothbrush, wet it, and just started scrubbing the tile. GUYS. WOW. Just look at the results!

Cleaning the Shower (c) Kristen Dembroski

And to top it all off, the cleaning paste even got out some scratches in the porcelain. I don’t sell Norwex, I have nothing to gain by telling you this other than sharing something that really worked for me in hopes that it can work for you, too. I also love that it is non-toxic, made only with marble flour, chalk, natural soap, and some coconut oil. My shower has never looked better!!!

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